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Sorry if it was too deep but, there are a lot of people living the same.

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You don’t see the hell I’m living,

Because I only show a beautiful smile,

But if I tell you how I feel,

You might have tears of a crocodile.

I don’t blame you for not seeing,

For my problems, you are too good,

Even though I am smiling,

Deep inside, your eyes never understood.

There is a voice screaming to be saved,

There is a voice screaming for help,

But your eyes can’t even see,

How tight is the inside belt.

The collapse of…

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The day I met you,

I felt like I had known you forever,

The good feelings in my heart,

Were the best feeling ever.

I will always remember,

That messages from badoo,

Made my dream comes true,

Witnessing the day I met you.

While the time goes by,

I got to know the real you,

And the way you love me,

I fell in love with you too.

We are growing together,

And we won’t live forever,

But I love everything we do,

From the day I met you.

Thanks for your support. …

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Lopes Charmingman

A poet happily lost in the world of Finance. Studying Finance and Accounting.

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